Analytical notes

«The End of History», «The Clash of Civilizations» & actual prospects of mankind

In 1989 an American political scientist Francis Fukuyama (born in 1952) published an article «The End of History?» and in 1992 a book «The End of History and the Last Man». Another American political scientist Samuel Huntington (1927-2008) objected F.Fukuyama in the article «The Clash of Civilizations?» published in Foreign Affairs magazine in 1993. Later on that article was expanded to book length and published in 1996 as «The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order». Despite the fact that the majority of those who think on a tide of both strategies did not even happen to read the works of those authors the terms «end of history» and «clash of civilizations» have been ever since included into the international political vocabulary.

On the Discharge of the Destructive Anti-Russian Matrix

“The Kommersant Ъ” newspaper N 230 (3806) (Dec 13, 2007) published the article “Americans Imagine a World without Putin”1 with subheading “The future of Russia studied”2.

The article begins with following notification:

“A report called ‘Alternative Futures for Russia’3 will be issued in Washington today by the authoritative nonprofit Center for Strategic and International Studies4. Besides the usual criticism of democracy in Russia, some parts of the report are downright fantastic. One of the alternative futures the report contains is a scenario built around the possible assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin5 on January 7, 2008, in Moscow6. Kommersant7 Washington correspondent Dmitry
Sidorov has read the report.

G8 Summit in Strelna

As a result of the annual G8 summit that took place in the suburb of St-Petersburg in July 14-171 for the first sight the world’s atmosphere hasn’t changed a lot. That’s why many analysts consider this summit to be just a protocol arrangement, combined with a “picnic” for the heads of the states and governments, that doesn’t lead to any global political consequences. The Mass Media’s attention was captured by the fact that during this summit V. Putin showed his “arrowy
tongue”, dealing with an “attack” of western politicians and journalists on Russia, and the other members were afraid to become victims of his poignancy.