Internal Predictor of the USSR

The Last Gambit

(Mystical-philosophical political detective story)

The 21st century has just started and immediately an important event has happened. The reaction on it was so outstanding and violent that one can surely say – there wasn’t such striking occurrence during the 20th century peacetime. Only the laziest hasn’t told his opinion on the events of September 11, 2001, on that tragedy that shocked the world. There was told much, but few has been made clear. Is America a victim? Or has it “punished” itself? Why there are so much secrets and mystical coincidences about this tragedy?

Ford and Stalin. How to Live in Humaneness

(Alternative principles of globalization)

This work concerns the outlook on economy and social life belonging to two men who are usually thought to be very different. The first one is Henry Ford I, founder and head of «Ford Motors Company», one of the world’s largest automotive corporations. The other one is Joseph Stalin — a politician, sociologist and economist, whose world understanding and will were embodied in the foundation and prime of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the «superstate № 2» of the 20th century, the «super concern» state.

To Understanding of Macroeconomy of State and World

Both existing and possible economic theories may be ranged into one of the two following categories:

The first group of theories describes the economy of a society in a way, which implies the need to give the answer to the question how an entrepreneur can legally fill up his pockets.
The second group describes the economy of a society in a way, which implies that the economic activities in the society are to be used as a means of approaching some other, fundamentally noneconomic, goals.

Matrix DIFFERENT to “Matrix”

(On the recipe of gaining «freedom», given in the «Matrix» movie)

Many people especially from among the young, have already seen the movie called “The Matrix" . Opinions on the movie itself are quite different, but the popularity of it is manifestive. Even in the biographical book about Vladimir Putin, titled " From the first person... " there is a mentioning by the younger daughter of the president of Russia of this movie: « We now have a favorite film – the " Matrix ", but our daddy have not seen it yet. We asked him to see it with us but he told there was no time, but later he would definitely see it ». So what so special about this movie about?

Comment on the present situation, N10 (October 2002)

Calling things by their proper names

The most prominent event of October 2002 covered by mass media throughout the whole world seized strong attention of the “average” people who live only for the immediate needs and contemplate virtually nothing about the long-term political perspective. No doubt this event was the taking of hostages by the Chechen “rebels” at a musical performance called “Nord-Ost” (based on V.Kaverin’s story “Two captains”).

«The End of History», «The Clash of Civilizations» & actual prospects of mankind

In 1989 an American political scientist Francis Fukuyama (born in 1952) published an article «The End of History?» and in 1992 a book «The End of History and the Last Man». Another American political scientist Samuel Huntington (1927-2008) objected F.Fukuyama in the article «The Clash of Civilizations?» published in Foreign Affairs magazine in 1993. Later on that article was expanded to book length and published in 1996 as «The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order». Despite the fact that the majority of those who think on a tide of both strategies did not even happen to read the works of those authors the terms «end of history» and «clash of civilizations» have been ever since included into the international political vocabulary.

The long-term strategy to overcome Koranic Islam with the help of wheeler – dealers of the Biblical Project

One of the main cultural problem of the global scale for the Biblical project wheeler-dealers is the Koranic Islam1.

The very reason of this problem is explained by the fact that the global and political doctrine, the basis for the Western policy, is based on two statements:
The thesis of Judaism predominance over the rest people and the obligation of other people to be tolerant towards them;
The buying up of the whole world with its inhabitants and property on the basis of Jewish corporative transnational monopoly on usury.

Global crisis root cause: just economy or biblical culture?

The fact, that nowadays human society and computer networks are both informational systems, allows us to draw analogies between them. As operating system is the core element of any computer network, culture with its norms and values, in the same way, is a key element of any society. Just as operating system is comprehensive to applications, the culture is comprehensive to economics of a society. In other words people build their trade networks and maintain their relationships according to cultural norms and moral values deriving from culture. So in order to get to the root of current global malfunction we need to understand the dominating culture, in other words our culture on bible platform.

Bureaucratic despair in Russia and global project “Obama”

“On the present moment” №11 (83), 2008.

Global financial crisis forced heads of number of states to gather for two meetings: first on November 13 and 14 in Nice in EU + Russia format and then on November 15 in Washington in the format of twenty most economically powerful countries. Judging by media reports even though both meetings paid significant attention to global financial system malfunction (subject was impossible to ignore), it did not deliver any worthy results, because delegates of both summits do not take into account and therefore do not discuss the fundamental principles of functioning of the system of global finances and credits. As consequence, no one either discussed a complex of alternative principles for building global system of finance and credits nor ways of switching to them without revolutionary and post-revolutionary shocks, all aimed at eliminating even the possibility of such crisis’s occurrence in the future.