Comment on the present situation, N10 (October 2002)

Calling things by their proper names

The most prominent event of October 2002 covered by mass media throughout the whole world seized strong attention of the “average” people who live only for the immediate needs and contemplate virtually nothing about the long-term political perspective. No doubt this event was the taking of hostages by the Chechen “rebels” at a musical performance called “Nord-Ost” (based on V.Kaverin’s story “Two captains”). It took place on October 23rd on the premises of the State ball-bearing factory’s former palace of culture, followed by their dramatic rescue on the night of October 25th. The interpretation of how this event interconnects with the current politics in Russia and abroad, expressing the opinion of the USSR’s Internal Predictor and the “Uniting” party was published on October 29 at in the “Politics” section under an excessively pretentious header “Russian conceptualists conduct a sensational analysis of Moscow events”. Therefore this comment deals with only those aspects of this event which exceed the narrow boundaries of “current politics”, though they continually manifest themselves within these politics.

Table of contents

  1. What they urge to do in their appeals
  2. The essence of the Russian-Chechen relationship problem
  3. Jihad
  4. Every people has a government slightly better than it could have been