G8 Summit in Strelna

As a result of the annual G8 summit that took place in the suburb of St-Petersburg in July 14-171 for the first sight the world’s atmosphere hasn’t changed a lot. That’s why many analysts consider this summit to be just a protocol arrangement, combined with a “picnic” for the heads of the states and governments, that doesn’t lead to any global political consequences. The Mass Media’s attention was captured by the fact that during this summit V. Putin showed his “arrowy
tongue”, dealing with an “attack” of western politicians and journalists on Russia, and the other members were afraid to become victims of his poignancy.

Table of contents

  1. The transformation of G7 into G8: goals and result
  2. G7 or UN -> Gx + UN?
  • 1. Officially Summit opened on July, 15, but factually on July, 14 taking in consideration the fact that the Russian and American presidents came to Strelna exactly on July, 14.
    By the way, July, 14 – is the day of Bastille’s capture: Western countries consider that the development of democracy and civil society has started since that day. It’s quite possible that this very day will signalize the end of the western form of democracy that has been propagandized for the last 2 centuries.