Matrix DIFFERENT to “Matrix”

(On the recipe of gaining «freedom», given in the «Matrix» movie)

Many people especially from among the young, have already seen the movie called “The Matrix" . Opinions on the movie itself are quite different, but the popularity of it is manifestive. Even in the biographical book about Vladimir Putin, titled " From the first person... " there is a mentioning by the younger daughter of the president of Russia of this movie: « We now have a favorite film – the " Matrix ", but our daddy have not seen it yet. We asked him to see it with us but he told there was no time, but later he would definitely see it ». So what so special about this movie about?

Table of contents

  1. Well, just another movie?
  2. Hunt for the man and the issues of life and death
  3. Mathematics and God’s Providence
  4. Matrix control and management
  5. About matrixes and aggregors
  6. Freedom is in the Transformation of the contents, but not in change of wrappings