Signs of Boundary Between Epochs

«On Current Moment» №8 (80), 2008 (resume)1.

At night between August 3 and 4 Alexander Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn died. Official commentaries
such as “the epoch has ended”, “the prophet has gone!” and so on were in style of “either good or
nothing about deceased”. But if according to truth but not to lie? – Then conclusion is short: the idol
of loyal unscrupulous idiots has gone.

Solzhenitsyn's “phenomenon” is that majority didn't wish to understand his role, which differs from
cheap popular opinions – both “for him” and “against” as well.

Table of contents

  1. On Solzhenitsyn’s death
  2. Georgia’s problems
    1. Georgian-Ossetian conflict
    2. Local scale of examination
    3. Global level of examination
    4. “Tough patriots”: in Russia and in USA
  3. Russia’s main problem
  4. Through watershed between epochs
  • 1. This text is the resume written to be translated from Russian into other languages. The collective of authors strongly recommends those, who speak Russian, to read the full text of this article (32 pages), which can be freely downloaded from, and some other sites. These sites also contain other information on COB (COB — is Russian abbreviator for the Conception of Social Security).